Leonie Norrington

Australian author of adult non-fiction and children's novels. Born in Darwin and grew up in an Aboriginal community. As well as writing books, she also works as a journalist. Many of her books focus on indigenous people, including her children's novels which she apparently began writing in order to show her grandson Sean (and other children) that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can get along together. One these stories has a horse theme.

Ms. Norrington also has a keen interest in gardening which she learnt at an early age from her grandmother. She has worked on farms and nurseries in the past and has written a gardening book. She is now also a presenter on an Australian gardening show and has a gardening blog.

Leonie Norrington has her own website.

Horse & Pony Books:

SUMMARY: Shane and Red are teenagers living on a station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. They are happiest when they are working outside and exploring the environment rather than studying. Shane is the son of the station manager, and Red is an Aboriginal girl whose grandfather worked as head stockman for many years. Red and Shane discover new country when they pursue a herd of wild horses led by a rogue stallion, which Shane is determined to capture and have as his own horse. In the process of trying to catch the horse Shane and Red become more aware of each other, learn about Aboriginal legends and the importance of country, family and heritage.

Collector's Info:
Reasonably hard to find outside of Australia.